Mystical Exterminators has served Southern California Residents now since 2002 from the greater Los Angeles Area through San Bernardino , Orange , and San Diego counties.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service at a competitive price while helping you maintain the integrity of your home.

Mystical Exterminators are a reliable source for not only the individual home owner, but to all real estate professional when closing escrow as termites are particularly  important when buying or selling a home since a termite inspection & infestation report is required as a condition of sale.

Our services include but are not limited to termite inspections , complete report on findings

, recommendations and completions we provide rehab on properties , chemical treatments as well as fumigations .Our relationship in the industry allow us to provide a turn key solution for roofing , plumbing , electrical and  various other trades in the industry .

Along with our services we have a well trained staff focused on providing superior quality of service and full guarantees.

Don't let thousands of feasting termites swarm into your largest investment . Protect the integrity of your home structure by calling Mystical Exterminators today for a thorough complimentary inspection.

Structural Repairs


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Determines Repair Versus Replacement For Termite Infestation?
A: If the termite damage is minor, the area can simply be repaired.  However, when the termite damage is extensive, leaving the wood timber unable to carry its weight, it must be replaced.

Q: Can Dry rot Be Repaired?
A: Unfortunately, dry rot is an advanced stage of fungus that can only be remedied by wood replacement, not repair.  In the early stage of dry rot, it is a fungus that is treatable and usually the wood is not severely damaged.

Q: Can I Do My Own Repairs And/Or Replacements?
A: Yes, some homeowners are capable of doing their own work or prefer to use another contractor.  Keep in mind that if you are selling or refinancing your home (and going through escrow and a lender) the inspector will need to verify work done by a third party.


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